Postponement deadline for PEC communication

The Ministry of Economic Development, with the circular n.0224402 of 25 November, established that companies that do not communicate their certified emailbox by December 31st 2011 will not incur penalties.

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Postponement deadline for PEC communication

Given the delays in communicating the PEC certified email address to the company register, the Ministry of Economic Development postponed the deadline for a month, giving until 31 December 2011 for communication.

On Friday, November 25, circular No. 0224402 came out, which established that there will be no sanctions for those who will communicate their PEC by December 31 instead of the November 29, date that was previously given as the deadline.

We remind you that the obligatory communication of the PEC applies to the following legal entities:

  • limited company
  • people's society
  • cooperative society
  • company in liquidation
  • foreign companies based in Italy
  • company in agreement

For bankrupted companies, however, the communication of the PEC is optional.

If you have not yet communicated your PEC address, we remind you that with Dominiando it is possible to have the PEC in 24 hours with a simple online order, using the promotion that will continue until December 31st 2011.

For more information please contact Dominiando.

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