New domains for online shopping!

Many new commercial domains have been released, such as .gratis, .shopping and .coupon! Register one of these new domains to identify your business and your online shopping site more clearly, and make it easier for your customers to find you on the web!

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New domains for online shopping!

Identify your business with the new commercial domains: there are the .gratis, .shop, .store domains and many others!

They will help you to identify your online business better, as well as discounts, offers and promotions!

The aim of these domains is to grab the attention of the users and provide them with an anticipation of what they will find on your site, since the new domains use less generic terms than the traditional .com or .net domains, which would most likely not be available.

These domains also serve to offer new possibilities to those who want greater personalisation online: a department store, for example, could register a .store or .shopping domain to identify themselves with greater clarity, but also a .gift domain, to use during the Christmas period to suggest ideal gifts, or a .qpon domain to offer discounts and incentive sales during periods when there are discounts or when the store is less busy. The registration of a new domain that is similar to its type of business, finally represents an excellent strategic step to be taken to build a presence that is strong, stable and competitive on the web.

A presence that you can also affirm in those countries that use alphabets that do not contain Latin characters.
In this case you can also create a site that "speaks" their language, by registering an Internationalized Domain Name (or IDN).
So the IDNs do not contain ASCII characters, but are formed, for example, by characters belonging to the Arabic or Cyrillic alphabet, Japanese Kanji, or Chinese ideograms.

Here is a list of the main new domains of a commercial nature:

Among all these domains, some are already active and registrable by anyone, while others must be formalised and therefore will be launched in the coming months. In this last case, you can find free preregistration online and we will notify you once registration times and prices are announced of the domain you are interested in.

For more information on the registration of new generic domains and on preregistration, you can contact the staff at Dominiando or subscribe to Dominiando's newsletter.

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